A mental/behavioral health diagnosis can be a frightening thing, not only for the patient, but for her or his family and loved ones. It’s often a difficult time, and can be made more so by the daunting variety of available treatment options and therapeutic orientations.

In moments like these, many families don’t know where to turn.

We serve those families as a guide, a resource, a sounding board and above all, a voice in their treatment – one that speaks the “language” of mental health and can coordinate care through a customized selection of providers and facilities.

We trust our patients’ and their families’ intuitions about their health, and bring our skills to bear to assemble a treatment plan that reflects their unique needs and priorities while providing ongoing access to new and emerging therapeutic approaches, methodologies and treatments.


Corporations have an important responsibility to the individual who work there. Larger companies utilize human resources and Employee Assistance Programs to assist in ensuring the appropriate delivery of therapeutic services or ensure referrals and access to the appropriate care managers. Brie assists and guides these organizations to better advocate for the mental well-being of their employees in cutting edge and effective ways that ensure access to and delivery of services to employees in need.

Individuals and Families

The process of locating treatment professionals is daunting and scary. There is no relaiable Zagat or Yelp in the behavioral health field to guide us and aleviate the anxiety of placnig a vulnerable sick loved one in the hands of an individual or agency. Brie utilizes her 16 years working with colleaguesin the field to advocate for individuals and families to locate a vetted appropriate fit for the individual seeking treatment services.

Wealth Management

Brie works with financial planners, trust and estate attorneys and fiduciaries to skillfully advocate for the family and individual battling addiction and mental illness. Brie’s work helps to educate the financial team and the family in an effort to better support the financial goals for the individual struggling with addiction and mental health such as reducing enabling behaviors, creating increased opportunites for autonomy and alerting the family of potential financial abuse.

Brie C Rosenfield, LMFT

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