Character and Script Consultation for TV and Film

Brie works with producers, directors, production companies and writer’s rooms in an effort to assist individuals and teams deepen and authenticate their understanding of mental health, addiction, trauma and sociopathy.

On Location support and Crisis Management for TV and Film

Brie consults with and is resourced by production companies, agencies, managers and networks in an effort to support scripted and non-scripted talent throughout the production of their projects and including post-project support.

Financial Boundaries and Consequences

Brie skillfully assists families and thier financial advisors navigate the challenging and emotionally charged topic of finances. Brie works with attorneys, wealth managers and fiduciaries to enhance the success of the financial initiatives by informing the fprocess with psychoeducation around family dynamics and the complications of mental health. Brie helps families break free from terminal ambiguity and replace the language of money with the desire for intimacy and connection.

Family Businesses

Brie brings her passion and skill for working with families into the unique dynamic of family businesses. Brie offers intervention and support with communication, mediation, generational transitions, mental health support, reorganizations and success strengthening.


Companies and corporations often function similar to that of a family system. Dysfunctional and unhealthy dynamics can build unknowingly over time in an effort to accommodate the growth and personalities in the business. Brie refocuses the organizations goals and needs and works to resolve and untangle unhealthy and unproductive systems to restore interpersonal and organizational success.

Brie C Rosenfield, LMFT

Lic # MFC49139

11845 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 1080
West Los Angeles, CA 90064


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